credit card data can be stolen with a wave and an app - credit card case wallet

by:LITONG     2019-08-19
credit card data can be stolen with a wave and an app  -  credit card case wallet
Now it seems like there's a smartphone app for everything-
Include one that can be used to steal your credit card information.
The CBC News survey found that it was not difficult.
In five minutes, the app will start.
Without the victim's knowledge, criminals can easily steal credit card information.
"It's always worrying when a stranger can get my personal information and my banking and financial information just by simple passing, especially the fact that, that's work, "said St. Mandy woodlands.
John's lawyer specializes in technology and privacy law.
Woodlands said most of what she read nearby
The field communication skimming display takes 30 seconds to download information from the card.
"It's obviously not true because you can be much faster than that," she said . ".
CBC News shows Woodland how easy it is to steal information --
Even from a card in a wallet or someone's pants.
The whole process took only about one second, not 30 seconds.
This technology should make life easier.
MasterCard calls it PayPass and Visa calls it payWave.
It allows customers to simply click and leave
Pay for the coffee quickly without bothering the PIN number.
But it's not just easier to pay-
It's easier to steal a card-
Personal information of the holder
CBC News uses Samsung Galaxy SIII and free app downloaded from Google Play store to read information such as card number, valid period and cardholder name only need to hold smartphone via debit card or credit card.
Samsung Galaxy SIII is one of Canada's most popular smartphones.
Thieves can simply walk through, pause, and read information through the coats and wallets of uninformed people.
The information can then be sent to another phone.
CBC News bought a Coke with it.
But it's also easy to buy a can of gas or a new computer.
His company, Seccuris Inc.
Investigated cases where phones paired with these apps were used to commit credit card fraud.
Reading information can be used to buy anything from $1, says Legary.
There are 50 drinks on a laptop for $4,000 to $5,000.
The app has become a tool for organized crime in Europe, he said.
"They don't even need to talk to you or touch you and they can get information about who you are," he said . ".
"This may make you a target for certain types of crimes.
The credit card company declined an interview request for the CBC News.
But they said in a written statement that consumers should not worry.
Visa said there were no reports of fraud by reading the payWave card in a way that the CBC showed.
Visa Canada said in an email: "multi-layer security and advanced fraud detection technology to protect each Visa transaction help Visa's global fraud rate stay near historical lows . "
Mailing statement
At the same time, MasterCard said its customers were protected.
"While fraudulent transactions rarely occur, if there is an unauthorized use of MasterCard on a fraudulent card or device, the company said in a statement: "MasterCard cardholders are protected by the MasterCard zero liability policy, which means they are not liable for unauthorized transactions. ".
CBC News asked Google why there are apps on Google Play store that can browse credit card information.
Google said in an email that it would remove any apps that violate the Google developer distribution agreement or content policy.
But when CBC News asks if a particular app violates the policy, Google will not comment on it.
Apps tested by the CBC are still available after Google commented.
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