montreal pickpockets lift couple's wallets in brazen theft - credit card case wallet

by:LITONG     2019-08-19
montreal pickpockets lift couple\'s wallets in brazen theft  -  credit card case wallet
It was not until Alan simade went to pay the bill that he noticed that the wallet was missing.
He's in St. with his girlfriend and her son-
Dennis Street, Montreal, Friday, March 4.
Simard said he asked his girlfriend to put the wallet in her wallet, but both were missing when she reached out to get the wallet to pay.
"I saw nothing," he said . " Thieves must be professionals, he added.
He said his girlfriend hung his wallet in a chair next to her, but the criminal managed to get inside without anyone noticing it.
When the customer explained to the restaurant owner that the wallet was missing, he immediately checked the surveillance video.
The whole thing was captured in the video.
Two men, one wearing a baseball cap and the other wearing a newsboy hat, walked into the restaurant and pretended to sit at a table next to their family.
No one in the restaurant noticed that one of the men walked through his winter sleeve into the woman's purse.
The other man stood by the table, blocking part of the line of sight.
The whole process does not take more than a minute.
Simard said they were unable to pay for the dinner, but luckily the restaurant owner understood that.
The thief continues to spend time-
The stamp on the video shows the thief walking out with his wallet at 8: 20. m. ET.
Simard said his credit card company told him that at 8: 41 P. M. 21 minutes later. m.
He spent about $2,000 on his card.
End the clothing store. At 8:51 p. m.
He bought two laptops at the Apple store with his card.
Simard said he was not able to pay for the goods and he was already able to replace most of the things in his wallet.
As for his girlfriend's wallet, he said, he did not move the next day.
A homeless man found it and took it to the police station with everything in it, including her credit card.
Simard thinks the thief uses his card because he has a higher spending limit.
Warning the public to be careful with the video released by Simard's brother --in-
France has received more than 1 million views and thousands of shares on Facebook.
Simard wants others to learn from his bad experiences.
Montreal police say they are investigating the case, but so far they have not arrested anyone. Const.
The pickpocketing technique shown in the video is not new, and the thief has been in use for years, says blinlinechevrefils.
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