the careful shopper; shoe bazaar offers more than footwear - leather credit card holder

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the careful shopper; shoe bazaar offers more than footwear  -  leather credit card holder
Jenny Claire Ferron
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The shoe store opened on 1968 at Briarcliff Manor and three years ago at Hartsdale square on Central South Avenue.
Both Norwalk and Stanford have stores in Connecticut.
The discount policy is a 15% to 20% discount list or advertising price for department stores, and during the half-year clearance period this month, footwear and handbags marked with red spots are further reduced, some up to 50%.
The size of the shoes is 5 1/2 to 10, and some sizes are 5S;
There are several wides, but most are medium or narrow;
Special orders from other branches are possible.
Stylish metal
$42 for finished skin pumps;
A very high heel, slim strap funny girl sandals for $25.
90, below $41;
Beene Bag bronze or pewter low for $59 off pump.
99, trendy sandals in gold or bronze for $49. 99.
For addicts on shopping bags, this is the gold version of Sable, initially selling for $17 and $13 in some stores.
99 here, down to $7. 90.
Comparison shoppers can scan a convenient advertising bulletin board
Elsewhere, the $165 Halston handbag costs $132. 99 here;
The $56 embossed leather shoes cost $39. 90;
Elsewhere, the price of $119 Frye boots fell to $104.
99, the other $6 boot tree sold $4. 99. Laura is a low-
Heeled best seller for $74. 99 -a cuff-or-
Not the top of the glove-
Leather inside and outside, and Italian-made.
Joyce boots are more common than other boots and more on the 10 th.
Embassy $79. 99 is a high-
Heel boots with folding
Leather cuffs can also be ground. A medium-
9 West's heel boots, a cycling boot called Louisa, cost $82 elsewhere and $73.
99 black, Burgundy and rawhide.
Acme's advertising shoes, processed and designed with leather decals and classic Western stitching, are priced between $50 and $80;
Suede and reptiles in Frye
Embossed leather boots with repeated cuts in reptile colors cost $104. 99.
Hippo fashion Western, black red stitching, thinner heel, $74 at a time.
99, $59. 90 now;
The popular tan leather chestnut stitching in the West costs $76. 99.
Gemini bronze boots from Gloria Van der Bildt, decorated in bronze, or rustic yellow with gold, usually at $92 and retail at $79. 99.
The highest sophisticated guide is Etienne Igna style at $84.
99, Miramontes's Peruvian style costs $94.
99, instead of $107 elsewhere, it's either tan or black.
Gore's adsTex are $57.
99 in black, Burgundy and beige;
The water pump known as the goalkeeper is Plush
Line up for $42. 99, zipper.
The price of Pantboot is $52. 99.
Golo suede mullet is the pile in $42. 99;
Or $33 plush lining.
99 maxi Moss apartmentsbottomed style.
Duck shoes with low breasts cost $23. 99;
High version up to $31. 99.
Nina, bandorino, Bath and Dexter are other brands of boots and shoes;
Letisse, Barbara Bolan, Ruth Saltz and Tano are the names of the extra handbags. Olaf's crushed-
Top quality ankle boots, Swedish style, pancake heel for $57. 99;
Metal shoes and boots from the same manufacturer are also available in stock. Mia Swedish-
$41 Wood clo at a time.
Down to $33.
90 when the red dot appears;
The rest is between $25. 99 and $32. 99.
The store carries belts, including metal products, through pearls;
Etienne Igna and St.
Including the Thomas wallet designed by Anne Klein.
A French wallet
Istyle woven leather wallet with coin compartment costs $29.
99 and the cost of the organizer holding the credit card, cheque book and cheque register is $36. 99.
The original $12 woven leather hair band costs $8. 99 now.
Oomphies leather slippers in Granada style, usually $22 and $18.
There are 99 leather uppers and coats here.
The slippers are $17. 99.
The shoe store is located at 159 Central Park Avenue, 25 miles south of 100A, which is the four corners of East hatzdale Avenue. Open 9:30 A. M. to 6 P. M.
Monday to Saturday, at 9: 00 in the evening. M.
Thursday and 12. M. to 5 P. M. Sunday.
MasterCard, Visa, and cheques are accepted, including out-of-state cheques with proof of identity.
Within seven days, in addition to the final sale of goods, late shoes or bags and metal garments that do not guarantee wear resistance, refunds for unworn goods are only for exchange or store credit.
A mailing list with pre-sale and gift certificates, starting at $5.
Services such as stretch fitness or bunions on-site rescue are available.
Phone 997-0312.
Briarcliff Manor store is located at 1169 Pleasant Road, pleasant, Tel 762-2149.
Time is similar except for late Thursday or Sunday.
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Novak, Conn, in the twisted and shuttle Mill.
Adjacent to a warehouse, there are more than 50,000 pounds hand-woven and hand-woven yarn in the warehouse, mainly synthetic yarn.
Skein and Shuttle II opened in Danbury in October and the goods and prices are the same, but there is no feeling of that warehouse.
Six years ago, the store began retail hanks and ske yarn at wholesale prices, with a minimum charge of 10 cents per ounce and a bag of several pounds that could be $8. This grab-
For weight and color, the suggestion of the bag may be good for anyone with good eyes, or a craft team with enough time to sort everything out, there is also not much money to ensure a guarantee of dye lot or neat packaging.
The source of advertising synthetic yarn is domestic: southern factory and parent company Synthetic International Co. , Ltd.
He has been a wholesaler and wholesaler since 1968. Trailer-
With the end of the 10,000-pound production line, the yarn is divided into different types and colors, and then, in some cases, a few-pound Hanks becomes a cone, then re-wound with a few ounces per ounce of meat. Some 4-
The Strand is a cone with a weight of 7 pounds.
Brand names only appear on a limited number of leftovers in store orders, most of which are Orlon, including Wintuk and Sayelle.
However, there are also wool in sports, 4-
Thickness and heavy weight.
The price of synthetic Hanks ranges from one to 5 pounds, and the solid color is 15 cents per ounce.
20 cents an ounce with white, mixed colors and fisherman's pattern.
Due to the popularity of fisherman's style, most undyed synthetic yarns are processed to off-
White at home-
Knit customers and keep them at 5-
Hank of the pound is sold, but skein of other batches arriving in this case is sold at 25 cents an ounce.
Another "finger" yarn destined to be hand-woven, called Pompadour, has a shiny thread that goes through it in the same or different colors, Hank 25 cents an ounce, skein is 30 cents an ounce.
Pink and yellow acrylic fibers in Mohair texture are also at hand.
Crochet yarn, an acrylic fiber similar to acrylic
Xin, sold 40 cents an ounce by skein.
Afghan cotton yarn is 30 cents an ounce, Hank's yarn is 15 cents an ounce, and Spin's yarn is 20 cents an ounce.
Starting at 15 cents an ounce, there is a supply of hand-woven yarn of various weights and textures, including chenille. Two-
This year's new ply spinning weighs 100% and costs $3. 50 for a 4-
Ounces of twisted yarn: the highest price for any yarn.
Wool comes from Maine, including fishermen, tweedy, and a variety of solid colors that can be ordered in some cases if they are not in stock.
Skein & Shuttle is located at 21 South Street, Connaught Walker. 06856 (
Exit 14 on I-West
95, return east on Highway 1, a block from Taylor Avenue, right on South Street). Open 8:30 A. M. to 4:45 P. M.
Monday to Friday
Mail order is possible when credit has been set up, but all yarn is "as is", dye lot matching is not color guaranteed, no return and no refund.
Check with identification is accepted.
No credit card.
The phone is (203)853-3601.
Danin and Shuttle II are located at 390 Danbury Street. Open 10 A. M. to 5 P. M.
Tuesday to Saturday
The phone is (203)792-2891.
The Jenny Claire Verona version of the article was printed on page 11011018 of the National edition on December 6, 1981, with the title: careful shoppers;
Shoe stores offer more than footwear.
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